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Yes. Create an account by selecting the “Register” option on our website and fill in the required credentials. 

  • Log in with your registered email ID and password. 
  • Select from available seafood categories and add to your cart, 
  • Click the checkout option to place your order. 
  • Choose the payment method and finalize your order. 

Yes, you will receive an email and an SMS confirmation from Fish Lounge.

We are located in Al Ain and deliver across Dubai.

We deliver fresh seafood and do not store them overnight. Our quality controlling units ensure that fresh fish and seafood is always delivered to you.  

To maintain the freshness of fish and seafood, we transport them in temperature-controlled delivery shuttles. We adhere to the guidelines by maintaining a controlled temperature between 0°C to +2°C (transported on ice).  

In the event of unavailability, we will contact to inform you about the unavailability. We will also confirm if the order should be delivered on the next day, replace it with another available produce, or should be canceled. 

As we are dealing with highly perishable products such as seafood, we follow stringent quality measures to ensure the quality of fish and seafood throughout the entire process of sourcing to delivery. Therefore, if there are any quality disputes in your order, the order should be returned at the same time it was delivered. At this point, if the customer is not satisfied with the order delivered, they can simply return and obtain a full refund. Therefore, the customer is responsible for checking and reporting any quality issues at the point of delivery. In case if the customer is satisfied with the order upon delivery, then complain about any disputes later on, Fish Lounge cannot be held responsible for such quality issues and returns. 

Yes, cancellations are possible. Orders placed on the previous day will be dispatched on the next day around 8.00 am. Therefore, it should be canceled before 7.00 am.  

Yes, please send your request through our website’s chat support or give us a call. We are happy to attend to your inquiries.