Return & Refund Policy 

Product refunds are acceptable only under the following conditions, 

  • The product you have received is damaged or has a foul smell.
  • Incorrect items sent.
  • Items that have rotten during delivery.

Once the ordered seafood and fish are delivered to you, kindly check and verify the quality and freshness of the items sent. You may accept it only if you are satisfied with the items delivered to you. If you are not satisfied or have encountered any defects in the items sent, you may return the order right away at the time of delivery. Inform the delivery individual and hand over the products at the same time. We will make a full refund to your original mode of transaction, which will be processed within 10 to 45 days. Remember that the refund period will always depend on the process of your respective bank.   

Return Policy 

As we are dealing with easily perishable products like seafood, we have taken all the necessary actions to ensure the quality and freshness of the products delivered to our customers. Every product goes through multiple quality checks from sourcing to dispatch to ensure the quality and freshness at the point of delivery. If you notice any disputes, return straightaway. Orders that have been accepted upon delivery without any rejections will be considered as acknowledged orders and cannot be refunded later. In case the customer is satisfied with the order at delivery and then complaints about its quality after a few days, Fish Lounge cannot be held responsible for such refunds as product handling upon delivery can result in quality deterioration. Hence, no refunds or returns will be accepted at this point. 

Cancellation Policy 

All the orders placed and processed will be sent immediately for purchase and delivery. When an order is placed, we incur irreversible costs. Therefore, we are unable to cancel your order free of charge. To avoid any penalty fees, we advise you to abide by our cancellation policy:       

Orders placed before 10 pm will be dispatched by 8.00 am on the following day. To avoid penalty fees, we advise you to perform any cancellations before 7.00 am.   

Any cancellations done after 7.00 am after dispatching will be treated as returns. In this case, the customer needs to follow our return policy and has to pay all applicable fees. 

In the event, orders that have been rejected at delivery for reasons not defined in the refund policy; the customer will be levied a 15% cancellation fee, which is billed from the total order value.